Course Number Course Title Course Length Course Description Min. Participants Max. Participants
FCG-PAD Professional SAP ABAP Developer 5 Days SAP Introduction, Basis, Navigation, ABAP programming Overview, ABAP Dictionary 3 10
FCG-PPD Professional PHP/MySQL developer 4 Days Configuring your Installation, Creating PHP Pages using PHP5, Using PHP5 with MySQL, Using Tablets to Display data. 3 10
FCG-PND Professional Microsoft .NET Developer 4 Days Introduction to Visual studio .Net and C++, .Net Framework, data Types, Advanced .Net, Microsoft ajax .Net, Crystal Reports, OOPS Features. 3 10
FCG-PWD Professional Web Designer 4 Days Computer Fundamentals and Windows, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Flash, 3ds Max, Web Designing, Dream weaver MX. 3 10
FCG-PCD Professional C/C++ Developer 4 Days Introduction, C Fundamentals, Object-Oriented Features, Objects, C++ Application Code, Constructors, Distructors,C++ References, C++ Operators. 3 10
FCG-PJD Professional JAVA/J2EE Developer 4 Days Introduction to OOAD for java Developers,Fundamental Programming Structures in Java, Classes and Object in java, Java Interfaces, Java Exception handling, Java Collections API. 3 10
FCG-PUD Professional LINUX/UNIX Developer 5 Days Brief history of the UNIX and Linux Operating Systems, operating System Concepts, Operating System Command, Working with Directories and Files. 3 10
FCG-PDD Professional Database Developer 4 Days Creating Database and Database Files, Creating data Types and Tables, Creating and tuning indexes, Impleminting Data Integrity. 3 10
FCG-BCS Basic Computer Skills 2 Days Basic computer terminology, Web browsing, File management, Navigating a webpage. 3 10