Supporting Utilities

Freedom Consulting Group provides Products and Services with Supporting Utilities for SAP Development and configuration efforts to follow SAP Coding Standards and additional Standards Required for Business and specific corporate needs for the market area. Utilities are designed and developed to control quality of all development and configuration changes/creations of objects that are required to follow naming standards, functionality testing, consistency checks, activation checks and other verifications.
The SAP Change Management team and Development team need to ensure the use of all the standards and guidelines documented in “IT Solutions One Source SAP Development Standards”. This SAP Functional Area is designed to ensure that all new implementations and changes go through the standard verification checks such as the like Object Naming Conventions, Standard SAP Object check and Extended SAP Object check.
SAP Objects developed under this effort with provide a report to developer and Functional consultants with details of errors, warnings and messages of Check Results. SAP Transports will be verified for Errors, Warnings and Messages for all objects associated before release of Transports to QA and notification emails will be sent to Developer, QA Lead and Supervisor.
Following attributes are in place to check on and validate the completion of each development.
·         Transport Name Check
·         Objects Name Check
·         Function Module Naming Check
·         Objects Active
·         Objects Documented
·         Attributes Defined
·         Extended Syntax Check
·         Flower Box Detail Check
·         Editor Lock Check
·         Direct Database Updates Check
·         AUSP Check
·         Features of these procedures are designed for Automated
·         Discrepancy Notification.

A Track Log of all identified discrepancies is provided for future reference and a monthly report is generated to notify the Manager.